Food Donors

When a restaurant, grocery store, farm, or caterer has surplus food to donate, they submit a request for a food pickup using our Food Share phone app.  By setting preferences, Food Share locates a matching recipient organization within seconds.  Food Donors can even designate a specific agency they want to support.  The phone app includes reporting tools that allow the Food Donor to track their efforts and provide a receipt for a tax deduction.

Magic City Harvest will provide Food Donors with in-store recognition of their important role in supporting our community and protecting our environment.  At the launch of Food Share, table cards will explain the impact our this program and provide information about how people can become volunteer Food Runners, further strengthening ties to each restaurant.  Magic City Harvest will be asking for your opinions and recommendations as we develop our marketing plans.

In most cases, Food Donors will refrigerate excess food at the time the request for a food pickup is made.  Food will be picked up the following day by a Food Runner.  Donated food will be labeled with a description of contents and the date the food was prepared.  The Food Share phone app will provide space for additional instructions.